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Let's Talk - Hudswell and District Parish Council

Take part in North Yorkshire's largest conversation and share your views on the new council.




8:00 PM - 10:00 PM


We’re launching ‘Let’s Talk’, the biggest conversation that North Yorkshire has ever seen about the issues that we think matter to all of us.

On 1 April 2023, North Yorkshire Council will replace the eight councils currently delivering public services in North Yorkshire. Having one new council will save money by joining up services to end duplication, helping to support services so they are stronger and fit for the future, as well as fund local decision-making. Later in the autumn, we’ll be asking for your views on the council budget and the proposed devolution deal for York and North Yorkshire.

The first topic of conversation will be ‘Let’s Talk Local’, and over the next few months we’ll be asking you which local services are most important to you, how you’d like to work with the new council, and what you think of the proposed Community Networks.

Join us on 17 November at 8pm to share your views at:

Hudswell and District Parish Council
Hudswell Village Hall
DL11 6BL 

Visit the Let's Talk Commonplace website to share your views online and sign up for updates.

Questions about the consultation can be emailed to:
A to Z of Services