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  • Refuse and recycling collection team
  • Mobile warden team

Reason for nominations

Refuse and Recycling Collection Team

"The Refuse and Recycling collection are the main Service that residents feel they pay their Council Tax towards, and therefore how these staff perform day in day out is how the public rate the service provided by the Council.  This year has seen lots of change for the crews, however they have pulled together to get the job done and I wish to nominate them to acknowledge this.''

  • In order to facilitate the new enhanced recycling service the rounds and vehicles have recently changed and the crews have had to adapt to these changes by working much longer days
  • The crews walk miles every day across the whole district, pulling heavy bins and lifting heavy boxes regardless of the weather conditions
  • The crews are often undervalued by our customers despite their hard work and effort


Mobile warden team

''During the last four months there has been no Residential Warden at Queens Court, St Agathas and Church Wynd due to unforeseen circumstances.  The four Mobile Wardens have provided cover over this period and I cannot praise the team enough for the support they have given to our customers and the service and I therefore wish to nominate them for this award.''

  • The Mobile Wardens provided a much needed service to the vulnerable people living at the above schemes which included working weekends and evenings outside of their normal duties
  • The Mobile Wardens actively helped to arrange duty rotas to ensure cover was provided, which was in addition to the normal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week cover that they provide


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