Richmondshire District Council

We cut grass on the land we own between ten and 14 times throughout summer, depending on the weather. Grass is cut to make sure people can use roads and pavements safely.

We cut grass on all Richmondshire District Council-owned land, such as:

  • Public open space
  • Parks
  • Town centres
  • Memorial gardens


We don't cut grass that is:

  • Privately owned
  • On properties/estates owned by other bodies
  • Highway verges

Use this form to report

A grounds maintenance issue such as overgrown grass, hedges, shrubs or bushes on land that we own.

Issues not dealt with in this form

What happens next?

  • Dangerous or hazardous issues regarding council owned/maintained trees, play equipment or walls and fencing will be visited by a council officer within 24 hours of the report being received
  • General ground maintenance issues regarding grass, hedge-cutting or tree enquiries will be visited by a council officer withing seven days of the report being received

What you'll need to provide

  • Your details
  • Location of the issue
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