Richmondshire District Council

When to apply for a temporary road closure

If your event falls into the following categories, you should contact North Yorkshire County Council to apply for a temporary road closure:

  • Local carnivals and fairs
  • Street parties and fetes
  • Illuminations
  • Processions
  • Acts of worship
  • National celebrations
  • Short charity runs/walks

Military service

If you're organising a military or Remembrance service you should return this temporary road closure form to us. 

You can apply for a:

  • Full road closure - This will close a road for a substantial period of time which requires a signed diversion route
  • Rolling closure - This allows a moving procession to pass but only interrupts traffic for a short period
  • Footpath closure - Only necessary if the event obstructs a footpath

Amount of notice required

We need ten weeks notice to allow consultation with emergency services, the county council and bus companies, among others.

You should also contact the police by emailing and you may need a £21 temporary event notice, a kind of licence, if you're having a bar, providing entertainment or charging to raise money. 

We strongly recommend that event organisers obtain sufficient public liability insurance for the event.

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