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Registering and numbering new streets/homes

Street naming and numbering is the process of registering and numbering new streets and homes, and renaming and numbering existing streets and homes.

This also includes new commercial premises, changing the name of properties and adding alias names to addresses.

Streets should be named and buildings named or numbered when they are first built, but existing properties without an officially registered address can be named or numbered retrospectively.

Naming and numbering of properties is important as it ensures that the owner/occupier does not encounter difficulties such as post being wrongly delivered, emergency services struggling to locate a property, or issues when applying for a credit card.

Who should apply

  • Owners, developers or land agents who are either building new homes or commercial or industrial premises, or are converting buildings to create new properties, such as barn conversions.
  • Individuals, developers or land agents wanting to change the name or number of a property.

When to apply 

You should apply to register addresses when you're granted planning permission and have decided on the final layout of the proposed development and throughout the stages of construction until just before completion. 

Utility companies don't install services without an official postal address and postcode.

You'll need to register for an address with us if you have planning permission for:

  • New builds - domestic or commercial
  • Conversions - domestic or commercial
  • Change of use to domestic or commercial


  • Large developments, which includes a new road name: £1,195 for ten properties or less, plus £42 for each additional property
  • Small developments which don't include a new road name: £104 per property
  • Re-naming a property: £52 per property
  • Change of business name or alias name: £52 per property

Apply and pay

You can download, print and complete the following forms and return them to: Richmondshire District Council, Mercury House, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4JX

Processing times depend on the type of request. 

If it involves the naming of new streets, it can take up to three months because local ward councillors have to be consulted.

Where the request involves naming, numbering, renaming or renumbering properties on an established street, registration will normally be completed within a month. 

We will request the postcode from Royal Mail on your behalf and notify other interested parties, such as utility companies, emergency services and the police.

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