Richmondshire District Council

Validation requirements documents

Further information

We also have a more detailed document to explain our application validation requirements, along with a separate appendix to explain about the requirements for biodiversity and geological assessments.

Every application needs a location plan and site plan showing the location and boundaries of the site you're planning to work on. 

You can use the portal's "Buy a Planservice to make sure you meet our requirements, whether you're a planning professional or first-time applicant.

If your planning application includes a proposal to connect to any non-mains drainage system (such as a treatment plant or septic tank), then you will also need to complete and submit an additional foul drainage assessment form before your application can be accepted.  This will help us to identify :

  • any concerns that might lead to pollution or nuisance arising from a non-mains drainage system
  • a need for significant changes to a developer’s intended foul drainage arrangements

and should avoid an application for an environmental permit being refused, or particularly stringent conditions imposed.

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