Richmondshire District Council

How to report a breach

If you believe you have seen a breach of planning control, check if the work has been the subject of a planning application.

You can also check the national Planning Portal website, as some small-scale development may not actually require planning approval.

If you still feel that the matter requires investigation, please fill out ourĀ planning contact form.

On the form, please provide:

  • Your name, address, email address and contact telephone number
  • The name and address of the person carrying out the works (if known)
  • The location of the site
  • Details of the complaint
  • Any relevant additional information, e.g. photos
  • What harm is being caused to you and the area generally

Once you have submitted the form, it will be investigated by the Planning Enforcement Officer to determine if an enforcement case can be raised.

Please note: all concerns are treated in confidence, but we may need to contact you for further information and to discuss your concerns.

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