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What is settlement development assessment?

Settlement development assessment (SDA) looks at how local conditions may affect future development in your town or village.

This helps us update local planning policies and determine any development proposals.

The assessment requires local knowledge to check and add to the profile of your town or village we've prepared. This will help to assess the capacity of current development limits, identify the most likely places for future development and areas of local green space, which could be protected.

We've prepared settlement profiles, maps of local conditions and guidance notes explaining what settlement development assessment is about.

Settlement Settlement profile Guidance notes Map of local conditions            
Barton Profile Guidance Map       
Brompton on Swale Profile Guidance  Map
Catterick Village Profile Guidance Map
Melsonby Profile Guidance Map
Middleham Profile Guidance Map
Middleton Tyas Profile Guidance Map
Scorton Profile Guidance Map

We held a series of meetings with ward and parish councillors and local people. The draft settlement development assessment will be reported to ward and parish councillors before being published. The information in the following table shows how far along we are with this process and any completed assessments. 

Settlement Public meeting Parish council   Assessment
Barton 28 May 2015 TBA In preparation
Brompton on Swale 27 May 2015 TBA In preparation
Catterick Village 3 June 2015 TBA In preparation
Melsonby 10 June 2015 TBA In preparation
Middleham 4 June 2015 TBA In preparation
Middleton Tyas 27 January 2015 9 July 2015 Settlement development assessment
Scorton 1 June 2015 TBA In preparation
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