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Evidence Base

This page features all of the documents relating to the Local Plan review and the recent Preferred Options Consultation (now closed).

Preferred Options Consultation documents

These were the key documents for the Preferred Options Consultation. The Richmondshire Preferred Options Local Plan 2018-2039 can be downloaded (as PDF documents) in sections as follows:


The following documents are Appendices to the Local Plan document:

Plan Area Map

Spatial Principle SP1 and Sub Area Strategies Maps

Spatial Principle SP2 Settlement Hierarchy Maps

Policy H2 - Allocations Assessment and Allocations Maps

Policy H2 - Development Limits Methodology and Development Limits Maps by ward:

  • Catterick and Brompton on Swale - includes Bolton-on-Swale, Brompton on Swale, Brough with St Giles, Catterick Village, Easby, Ellerton, Gatherly Road, Scorton
  • Catterick Garrison
  • Colburn
  • Croft and Middleton Tyas - includes Barton, Cleasby, Croft, Dalton, Eryholme, Manfield, Middleton Tyas, Moulton, North Cowton, Stapleton
  • Gilling West - includes Dalton, Gayles, Gilling West, Kirby Hill, Newsham, Ravensworth, Skeeby, Whashton
  • Hipswell - St. Martins only
  • Leyburn - includes Bellerby, Leyburn, Preston-under-Scar, Redmire, Wensley
  • Lower Swaledale and Arkengarthdale -includes Hudswell and Marske
  • Lower Wensleydale - includes Barden, Constable Burton, East Hauxwell, Finghall, Harmby, Newton-le-Willows, Patrick Brompton, Spennithorne, Thornton Steward
  • Melsonby - includes Aldbrough St. John, Caldwell, East Layton, Eppleby, Forcett, Melsonby, Croft on Tees, West Layton
  • Middleham - includes East Witton, Middleham
  • Richmond
  • Scotton - includes Arrathorne, Hornby, Hunton, Tunstall


Policy E7 - Town and Local Centres Maps:


Policy NE1 Natural Environment Maps

Policy NE2 - Settlement Gaps Maps:


Policy NE3 - Green Infrastructure Maps


Policy HE1 Historic Environment Maps

Core documents

These documents are statutory requirements and must be submitted with the Local Plan. These documents were relevant as part of the Preferred Options consultation:

Local Development Scheme

Statement of Community Involvement

Issues and Options Consultation Report

Equality Impact Assessment

Accessibility Statement (Local Plan)

Accessibility Statement (Council website)  

Sustainability Appraisal (includes SEA requirements)

Habitat Regulations Assessment

Evidence Base

These documents are used as evidence to inform and justify policy approach. Some are produced internally and others by third-party consultants:

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Strategic Housing Market Assessment (to view this document request a digital copy by emailing our Planning team)

Whole Plan Viability Assessment (to view this document request a digital copy by emailing our Planning team)

Strategic Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

5-Year Housing Land Supply

Brownfield Land Register

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (to follow)

Retail and Leisure Study

Settlement Facilities Study

Employment Land Review 2018 (to view this document request a digital copy by emailing our Planning team)

Employment Land Review 2019 update

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Transport Assessment comprising:

Local Green Space Designation Report

Local Green Space Designation Maps (by parish):


Local Green Space Designation Survey Questionnaire

Landscape Character Assessment vol. 1

Landscape Character Assessment vol. 2

Managing Landscape Change: Renewable Developments (to view this document request a digital copy by emailing our Planning team)

Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study 

Low Carbon and Renewable Capacity in Yorkshire

Annual Monitoring Report

Infrastructure Funding Statement

A to Z of Services