Richmondshire District Council

We are currently reviewing our Local Plan which will update the policies used to consider applications for new development . This will also include, where necessary, identifying land for housing, economic development, retail and leisure, and community facilities up to 2035. 

One of the first steps of the review is to establish what land is available for development within the plan area. We have recently undertaken a call for sites where sites in Richmondshire (outside of the Yorkshire Dales National Park) have been put forward for consideration.

All submitted sites will be assessed through a full update of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) and suitable sites will be taken forward for allocation in the Local Plan 2014-2035.

Submit a site

The deadline for the call for sites 2017 has now passed.  Sites can still be submitted but may not be included within the 2018 SHELAA

A site assessment form must be completed. Each site should be completed on a separate form.

A guidance note and use classes order will help you complete the form. 

An Ordnance Survey map w
ith the site boundary outlined in red, and if desired any other land you own in blue, must be submitted with the form.

The map should preferably be on a scale of 1:1250 or 1:2500 of size A4 or A3. It must be clearly annotated with the name/location of your site and your name and contact details in case they become detached from the form.

Send the completed form and OS map to or return a hard copy by post to Planning Policy, Richmondshire District Council, Mercury House, Station Road, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 4JX.

Anonymous proposals won't be accepted.

The form includes a comprehensive range of site assessment questions. You're not expected to answer all of them. We'll continue to complete the form after submission via desktop and site surveys where necessary.

As a minimum we require:

  • Landowner /agent contact details
  • Proposed development type for consideration
  • Ordnance Survey location map with the site boundary outlined and clearly marked with landowner/agent contact details in case of separation
  • Agreement of data protection, Freedom of Information and disclaimer statement

How sites are assessed

The sites will be subject to an objective assessment of if and how they can be delivered and developed.

To be considered deliverable, sites should:

  • Be available now
  • Offer a suitable location for development now
  • Be achievable, with a realistic prospect that housing will be delivered on the site within five years and in particular that development of the site is viable

To be considered for development, sites:

  • Should be in a suitable location for development, and
  • There should be a reasonable prospect that the site is available and could be viably developed at the point envisaged

What would it mean for my suite to be included within the 15-year land supply?

A site's inclusion in the SHELAA doesn't in itself determine whether a site should be allocated for housing development or be granted planning permission. However, it will be a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. 

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