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The National Planning Policy Framework requires us to annually update a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide five years' worth of housing against our assessed housing requirements.

A further supply of specific developable sites or broad locations for growth should also be identified for years six-ten of the plan and, where possible, years 11-15.

This is done through a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA).

It covers development land across the district outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park and helps deliver the Local Plan 2012-2028 targets. 

The assessment provides evidence on the availability of land for housing development in the plan area. A site's inclusion in the SHLAA doesn't indicate that planning permission will be granted for housing development. Planning proposals will be judged on their merits against the Local Plan policies, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The SHLAA is updated every year. Sites can be submitted at any time and will be considered in the next update. 

For more information on submitting a site, see our call for site page.

SHLAA - 5 year housing land supply update Dec 2019

5 year housing land supply update Dec 2019

SHLAA update - June 2019

SHLAA 2019 update


Appendix 1 - Publication advertising

Appendix 2 - Call for sites forms

Appendix 3 - Sites by settlement

Appendix 4 - Maps

Appendix 5 - Barton

Appendix 5 - Brompton on Swale

Appendix 5 - Catterick Garrison

Appendix 5 - Catterick Village

Appendix 5 - Central Richmondshire elsewhere

Appendix 5 - Aldbrough St John-Caldwell-Eppleby SSV

Appendix 5 - Dalton-Newsham-Ravensworth SSV

Appendix 5 - Finghall-Harmby-Spennithorne SSV

Appendix 5 - Hunton SSV

Appendix 5 - Leyburn

Appendix 5 - LW elsewhere

Appendix 5 - Melsonby

Appendix 5 - Middleham

Appendix 5 - Middleton Tyas

Appendix 5 - MOD sites

Appendix 5 - North Richmondshire elsewhere

Appendix 5 - Richmond

Appendix 5 - Scorton

Appendix 6 - Sites and trajectory

Appendix 7 - 5 year housing land supply 

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