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Working together and how you can get involved 

The council declared a climate emergency in 2019.

As part of that declaration, it has committed to supporting, inspiring, encouraging and working with others to help achieve the target of net-zero carbon for the whole of Richmondshire.

There are a range of projects which the Council has taken on to help council emissions reach net-zero by 2030 and residents in the Richmondshire area to move to net-zero carbon by 2034. This is the target set out in the Climate Change Action Plan.

Electric Vehicle Taxi Grant

There are a limited number of £1,000 grants available to support taxi drivers in switching to a more sustainable way of travelling.

These grants are available to taxi drivers switching to a solely electric vehicle. If you are planning on switching to an electric vehicle, please contact us at to apply for the grant. This grant will be available on a first come first served basis.

This scheme is running until 25 April 2022, so please contact us before this date. The scheme will be reviewed after this date.

Energy efficiency and low carbon heating home improvements

Domestic heating is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions across Richmondshire. The Council has partnered with other local authorities in North Yorkshire to deliver over £2 million of energy efficiency and low carbon heating installations to help low income households to improve the energy efficiency of the least energy efficient homes. These installations will help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from them.

The scheme, which will be delivered by energy contractor E.on, will run until the end of March 2022. You can find out more about the scheme on the Green Homes Grant page.

The project is part of the Council's commitment to support and encourage the community to take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as set out in its climate emergency declaration.


The Communitree project was designed to support tree planting in parishes across Richmondshire. The Council and Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership (RCAP) have worked together to help 9 town and parish councils make their ideas for local tree planting a reality. The Council provided up to £2,000 of funding for the scheme.

The Council initially started to reach out to town and parish councils during the summer of 2021. Proposals were then discussed and finalised by November 2021. Please see the following table for the rest of this project's timeline.

The TCV planting and aftercare guide was used for guidance to help the town and parish councils plant their trees.

Date Task

November 2021

All proposals will be discussed and finalised, e.g. how many trees, what type and where they are needed.

December 2021

Richmondshire District Council will submit tree order. The council and RCAP will advise participants on any other matters and begin to identify additional volunteers, where needed.

January 2022

Tree delivery date to be advised to participants.

Late January/ early February 2022

Participants will be advised of when and from where the trees can be collected.

February 2022

Trees are planted.

February/ March 2022

Publicity around the project will be issued.

Electric vehicle charging points

To help support people making the move to low carbon electric vehicles, the Council will be installing 20 electric vehicle charging points at several of its car parks across the district. The charging points are expected to be installed and ready to use by the end of March 2022. Each car charging point will have the ability to charge a vehicle to full charge within two hours.

We've received quotes for connections to the power grid, and procurement of the charging points has started. Further delays to the project which are beyond the Council's control are expected. This is due to wider material and labour shortages across the sector.

Further updates on where and when the charging points will be installed will be provided on this page.

Information on all the existing electric vehicle charging points across the district can be found on Zap-Map.

Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership

If you are interested in helping to create a greener, carbon neutral Richmondshire or have an idea for a project or activity that will help to achieve this, then why not get involved with the Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership?

The partnership has been set up to develop and help deliver projects and activities to reduce carbon emissions across the district, and to improve local environments. It is always looking for new volunteers from across Richmondshire including residents, business owners, and members of community groups, organisations and schools.

The Council is supporting the Partnership. Email for more details of what the Partnership is doing and how you can get involved.

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