Richmondshire District Council

£1.3 million investment programme includes heating and access improvements

Council homes across Richmondshire are being upgraded as part of a £1.3 million investment programme.

Over the last six months energy efficient boilers have been installed in 73 properties, including in Richmond, Barton, Leyburn and Croft. Another 13 homes have seen their electric heating systems upgraded in recent months and the boiler at the Quaker Close sheltered housing scheme has been replaced at a cost of £60,000.

“Upgrading these systems will mean more efficient heating for our residents – vital at the moment with the cost of living crisis,” said Council spokesman, Councillor Philip Wicks.

“Many of the boilers were outdated and not cost effective. Our tenants asked us to look at this work and we have being able to prioritise the replacements as a result.”

He said that bathrooms and kitchens are now being replaced in around 130 homes, and new automatic doors are being installed at sheltered housing schemes. Thornborough Hall Gardens in Leyburn has already got its new doors, with new ones also due at Queens Court in Richmond.

The District Council has 1,472 homes, including seven sheltered housing schemes, in its portfolio. The Council runs a £1.3 million Housing Improvement Programme each year. Next year’s programme of improvements are currently being finalised.

Plumbing work undertaken at Newton-le-Willows
Plumbing work taking place at Newton-le-Willows
Sliding doors at Thornborough Hall Gardens
Installed sliding doors at Thornborough Hall Gardens