Richmondshire District Council

Catterick Garrison scheme best fit for levelling up

A £20 million scheme to create a new Catterick Garrison town centre looks set to be put forward for ‘levelling up’ cash.

Members of Richmondshire District Council’s Corporate Board are being asked next week (October 12) to select the scheme to go forward as the authority’s bid into central government’s ‘levelling up fund’.

It is the largest scale project proposed within the district with the aim of developing a new pedestrian friendly layout around the Shute Road area. This will see a range of shops, restaurants and cafes, community spaces and employment opportunities as part of a scheme to create a town centre to serve the largest military garrison in the country.

As the project is drawn up there will be engagement with the local community to discuss the project plans and to understand local opinions on the options being explored. It will also tie in with other major development planned for the Garrison such as the new integrated care campus and new service family living accommodation.

The levelling up fund gives local authorities the chance to bid for up to £20 million for one scheme. Richmondshire is well placed to get a bid approved as it is classed as a category one area in terms of the selection criteria.

“The Catterick Garrison project is the largest initiative underway in the district and we are working closely with our colleagues at the County Council and MoD to develop it further,” said Corporate Director, Callum McKeon.

“It is the best fit for the levelling up fund and will deliver benefits not just for the Garrison and its large population but for the rest of Richmondshire.”

He said that other schemes had been considered for the Fund but they were not on the scale of Catterick Garrison and that councillors will instead be asked to continue to support smaller projects through Council reserves. One such project, the redevelopment of the Reeth Garage and petrol station, will also be discussed at the meeting next week with a £25,000 allocation sought from the Council’s economic growth funds.

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