Richmondshire District Council

Extra funding for Community Investment Fund

A grant scheme that provides cash support for community projects across Richmondshire has been given another £486,000 to spend.

It will mean that the total allocated to the Community Investment Fund (CIF) since it launched in 2020 will top £1 million.

Members of the District Council’s Corporate Board last night (Tuesday October 12) agreed the extra funding which must be spent before the scheme closes in March 2023.

So far 30 schemes have taken a share of £504,322 with another 17 projects waiting for a decision. Those applications amount to another £230,148. The new funding stream leaves another £300,000 to allocate over the next 17 months.

So far projects including village hall refurbishments, play parks, community gardens and woodlands, footpaths, and sports schemes and facility updates have received grant aid.

“The Community Investment Fund gives access to grant funding quickly and easily so that local people can deliver projects where there is a genuine community need,” said Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“It allocates cash to community and social projects to support new projects and improvement schemes for facilities for local people. This extra funding means we can leave even more communities in better shape when local government reorganisation sees the closure of the scheme in 2023. I urge people to apply. Its quick and easy and we can make big differences to the communities of Richmondshire.” 

For more information on the fund visit our community grants schemes page.

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