Richmondshire District Council

Area Partnership funding

A scheme that helps fund community projects across Richmondshire will re-open for new bids this week.

Every year the District Council’s five Area Partnerships each have £10,000 to award to local projects. So far this year 43 schemes have been supported, but there is still funding up for grabs.

Grants awarded over the 10 years since the scheme was launched have gone to parish councils, community and sports groups. The grants have been used for everything from large equipment purchases to smaller community noticeboards. The £35,000 awarded this year has gone to support a variety of projects including bowling aids for dementia, benches and wildflower planting, a festival and vehicle activated signs to reduce speeding.

The five partnerships cover Upper Dales, Central (including Richmond), Lower Wensleydale, Garrison and North Richmondshire.

The new round of funding opens today (Thursday October 7).

To find out more and to apply check out our area partnerships page or email It will close on at midnight on December 2.