Richmondshire District Council

Hate crime awareness

Safer Richmondshire - Richmondshire District Council’s Community Safety Hub - has given its support to a week long campaign urging people to work together to tackle hate crime.

Hate Crime Awareness Week is a national week of action being supported by the Safeguarding Adults Boards, Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships and Community Safety Partnerships and Hubs across North Yorkshire and City of York.

Yesterday (Tuesday October 13) it saw pupils at Risedale School at Catterick Garrison take part in workshops on hate and mate crime. They learned how to recognise it and report it, and what local support service are available.

North Yorkshire Police School Liaison Officer, Helen Lavender, supported by Police Community Safety Officer Katie Whitehead discussed gender and sexual identities and HBT (Homophobic, Biphobic and Transphobic) bullying with the pupils. 

“The School Liaison Team's main focus is to prevent the criminalisation of young people and provide early intervention and support. Youth engagement is a powerful way for the police service, partner agencies and community organisations to involve the young people they serve in moving their work forward, and results in young people being involved in responsible, supporting and challenging actions to create positive social change,” said Helen.

Risedale School pupils learning about hate crime
Risedale School pupils taking part in a hate crime workshop
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