Richmondshire District Council

Richmond Swimming Pool

Richmondshire District Council is looking to support Richmond Swimming Pool after bosses warned of spiralling utility bills.

The pool is leased to Richmondshire Leisure Trust by the District Council – the charity was set up in 2005 to provide leisure, recreational and sport activities. But the council makes annual revenue grants of £313,000 to the trust to support the operation of the pool.

The pool is currently closed as it undergoes a £1.9 million revamp by the local authority which is also paying compensation to the trust of £65,000 as a result of the loss of income. With the work behind schedule that compensation could increase by up to £20,000.   

Next week (15 Nov), members of the Corporate Board will be asked to help further after learning that the cost of utility bills is going to cause considerable strain on the leisure trust’s finances. The Trust has already told Colburn Town Council that it is handing back Colburn Leisure Centre to them due to increasing energy costs.

District Councillors will be asked to consider supporting the increase in energy costs for the pool by setting a cap on the total amount of support it can give for them for those costs. They will also be asked to approve the increased compensation due to the delays in building work.

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