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Cutting greenhouse gases from community buildings

Community owned venues across Richmondshire are being invited to join a study to show how they can cut greenhouse gases from their buildings by reducing carbon emissions.

This often results in saving money on running costs as well.

Funding from the Government’s Community Renewal Fund has been awarded to the York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership. This funding will enable venues such as village halls and community centres, sports pavilions and leisure facilities, theatres and museums that are managed by the community and voluntary sector to create a ‘decarbonisation plan’.

For each building the study will show the opportunities to ‘decarbonise’ the property through energy efficiency measures such as double glazing and insulation, and improved heating options. It will also consider renewable energy such as solar power and battery storage with the potential to sell electricity back to the National Grid.

“We all need to think about reducing greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change and improving the ‘carbon footprint’ of our buildings are a key part of that,” said Corporate Director, Callum McKeon.

“In Richmondshire many of our community managed properties are poorly insulated, often ‘off gas’ and rely on either expensive and high carbon electric or oil and gas for heating. As they tend to be older properties and used in the evenings and weekends there are opportunities to reduce greenhouse gasses and to save money with this study.”

The study will see 30 buildings looked at in total – 15 in Richmondshire and 15 in Scarborough. It will start next month (December) and run until May 2022. It is free and will provide information for the venue managers to make a future decision on the alterations that would be needed and how these might be funded.

Information on the venues heating costs will be needed. There is however no other involvement required from volunteers and no commitment to implement the findings of the study.

If you would like your community venue to be included in the study, please register your interest by 17 December to:

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