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New recycling litter bins are not to be used for home recycling

A plea has gone out to Richmondshire residents using newly installed recycling litter bins for their home recycling.

They are being asked to use the kerbside recycling scheme for their paper, cardboard, glass, cans and plastic. If they have too much, they are asked to take it to one of the recycling centres rather than depositing it in one of these new bins.

The bins (32 of which are in place around the district) were installed in towns and villages last month as part of the national ‘litter binfrastructure’ initiative. This is a government scheme to support projects that divert, reuse and better manage waste.

They have been placed in littering hotspots and in places where bins needed replacing. The new bins allow visitors to recycle their waste in the district rather than throwing it into general litter bins. Residents can use them for street litter and can also use the litter section for dog waste.

“We have been experiencing some instances of householders using these bins as top ups for their household recycling,” said District Council Corporate Director, Colin Dales.

“Whilst we do not want to discourage anyone from recycling, we would urge people not to fill these new bins with household recycling. Please take that to our recycling sites or use the kerbside collection schemes.

“Please leave these new bins free for general street litter. At the moment some of the bins are filling up faster than we can empty them. Improving recycling provision is a key target for the council – and to be able to do this for our visitors and residents out in our communities is a great step forward.” 

Recycling sites can be found in: Brompton on Swale, Richmond, Catterick Garrison, Colburn, Leyburn, Hawes, East Witton, Hunton, Newton le Willows, Askrigg, Reeth, Grinton Lodge, Keld, Langthwaite, Muker, Manfield, Moulton and Bainbridge.

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