Richmondshire District Council

Fireworks safety

A warning to dispose of fireworks safely has been issued.

The District Council is asking that anyone using fireworks in displays this week not only follows the Firework Code but makes sure they get rid of the dead cartridges correctly.

Disposing of them incorrectly can be dangerous not only to the householder, but to the people collecting waste and to the environment.

Once burned the fireworks should be left to cool before being placed in a bucket of water for 24 hours to be wet through. Drain excess water away, making sure it does not go into the ground and then place the fireworks into a plastic bag which is tied to contain them – consider double bagging if there are a lot of fireworks.

The bags should then be taken to a household waste recycling centre – or if that’s not possible placed in the household waste bin. They cannot be recycled as they contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment.

“With the lockdown coming into force on Thursday we expect there will be more bonfire parties at home this year so we urge people to be very careful with fireworks – not only in setting them off, but also with disposing of the waste,” said Corporate Director Colin Dales. 

“We want people to enjoy their displays, but stay safe.”

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