Richmondshire District Council

New recycling scheme starts

Richmondshire’s new recycling service came into play today (Monday Sept 25) with householders able to leave more products than ever for kerbside collection.

The District Council is now picking up all card, most plastics, textiles and cartons – as well as cans, bottles and paper.

But residents are urged to remember that glass must be kept separate from all other recyclables.

Under the new scheme each household uses the following recycling containers:

Current green box: for cans, glass, aerosols, plastics; glass must be kept separate by using a divider.  If more glass will be recycled and householders currently have two green boxes they are asked to use that - or a separate black box can be provided; no black plastic can be taken.

Current blue bag: for all paper and card - if more is to be recycled a larger white bag can be provided.

Textiles must be placed in an untied plastic bag and left with the rest of the recycling.

Householders wanting a black box, white bag or divider are asked to collect them from council offices in Richmond, Reeth, Hawes, Leyburn and Colburn.

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