Richmondshire District Council

Have your say in steering new development

A plan to create the long term vision for the future of Richmondshire over the next 21 years is underway.

The district council’s Local Plan sets out how and where land can be developed to meet the growing needs of local people and businesses up to 2039. It does not include land within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

And local people can have their say on the proposals by taking part in the Preferred Options consultation which opens May 28.

The local plan aims to address needs and opportunities in relation to housing, the economy, community facilities and infrastructure. It also looks at conserving and enhancing the natural and historic environment, provide greater resilience to climate change, and create well-designed places where people enjoy living.

Councillor Angie Dale, Leader of the Council, said: “This is an important opportunity for local people and businesses to be involved in planning for the future of Richmondshire. It’s their chance to have a say in steering where new development goes - the facilities we need to make the places where we live better and to protect the environment. I hope as many people as possible take the time to take part.”

The Preferred Options Local Plan is the second stage in the production of the new Local Plan and is the second opportunity for residents, businesses and other interested parties to help plan the district’s future. The first stage was the Issues and Options consultation which sought views on the key strategic issues and opportunities the revised Local Plan should address such as the scale and location of housing.

Engaging with the public and key stakeholders such as infrastructure providers, parish and town councils, residents groups, interest groups and the development industry has shaped an understanding of key local issues and this Preferred Plan sets out those issues and how the planning system can respond.

The full consultation document will be available for inspection on the council’s website from May 28. Copies will be available at the council’s Community Offices in Richmond, Colburn and Leyburn from June 4. If you require a hard copy before this date, please contact the council.

The council will also be holding a limited number of events at community venues when anyone who wants to discuss the plan in person can go along. Details of the venues will be on our Preferred options page.

Views on the Preferred Local Plan should be sent to the council by 9 July 2021 by:

Further information is available on our Preferred options page or by contacting the Community Development Team on 01748 829100.