Richmondshire District Council

Council Tax Hardship Fund payment to residents

More than 1,200 Richmondshire residents have been awarded a £150 Council Tax Hardship Fund payment.

The 1,292 working age residents have received a share of £191,732.87 - out of the district council’s total grant of £245,598.

The Government scheme to help working age people who receive Council Tax Reduction (CTR), can reduce their council tax liability by up to a further £150 for the 2020-21 financial year. 

Anyone who is working age and currently receives CTR does not need to apply for this. Richmondshire District Council will automatically reduce bills as soon as they are able to.

Anyone of working age and not currently receiving CTR, but would like to apply for help towards their council tax liability this year should complete the online application form on our apply for council tax reduction page

For further information about this fund visit our council tax reduction fund page

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