Richmondshire District Council

Check your water systems

Businesses preparing to reopen after lockdown are being urged to ensure their water systems are safe.

All traders – but especially those that use water such as dentists, hairdressers, hotel, gyms and sports clubs – are being asked to consider how long water has been left standing in pipes and tanks.

It has the potential to allow the growth of harmful bacteria, particularly legionella, and to become tainted by the material it is in contact with.

“As we get ready for reopening buildings, water systems should be assessed and measures taken to ensure that it is fit for purpose and is not harmful to health before it is brought back into use,” said Carol Little, Richmondshire District Council Technical Officer.

“It is imperative that these systems are flushed out and a clean and safe water supply is provided for customers.”

Advice on bringing water systems back into use can be obtained through Public Health England and the Drinking Inspectorate.

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