Richmondshire District Council

Support for Ukraine

Richmondshire District Council is preparing to contribute to efforts to support the people of Ukraine following the invasion by Russian armed forces.

Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale, explained: “We have a very proud tradition of responding positively to the heart-breaking consequences of conflict across the world. As a council we directly assisted in the Syrian refugee resettlement programme, and we are currently assisting Afghan refugees in the same way in partnership with our Ministry of Defence colleagues.”

“We will contribute to coordinated efforts to assist the people of Ukraine in partnership with local councils and partner agencies across North Yorkshire. Experience has shown that by working together across North Yorkshire we produce the most positive and effective impact. We are awaiting further guidance from the Government on how we can best help. Once we have received guidance and associated requests we will be part of a coordinated North Yorkshire response.”

“Please keep updated via our website and via social media."

Our local communities are already mobilising to support the people of the Ukraine. The Council is receiving enquiries and offers of help from residents across the district - but until further guidance is received from the Government it is difficult to give detailed advice at this point.

If residents wish to make financial charitable contributions to help Ukraine and the surrounding countries please be careful to give safely and not fall victim to fraudsters and fake charities. By giving to registered regulated charities you will have the assurance that your donation will go where it is really needed. As a basic safety check you can go to the GOV.UK website and always check the charity’s name and registration number. Financial contributions can also be made via the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal

The Council is also receiving offers of accommodation for Ukraninian refugees and these offers will be logged and responded to once more details are known.