Richmondshire District Council

Food waste

Richmondshire District Council is put its weight behind an action week which urges people to think about the amount of food they waste.

It is supporting the UK’s first Food Waste Action Week (from 1 - 7 March) which sets households the challenge of reducing the amount of edible food waste it produces to as close to zero as possible.  

There is a programme of activities dedicated to the campaign, offering simple tips and strategies to cut waste. They include tips on planning portion sizes, keeping an eye on dates, eating everything edible, using up leftovers, freezing what you don’t eat and storing everything correctly so it lasts longer.

“Around one third of food is wasted and this has a significant impact on climate change. That could be through being unsold in supermarkets and restaurants or being left uneaten in our home fridges,” said Council spokesman, Councillor Richard Good.

“This week has a range of challenges we can all take part in – whether a business or at home – to show the impact that food waste has on us all.”

Led by WRAP the tips can be found on the WRAP website, and their social media channels such as Instagram; Twitter; and Facebook.