Richmondshire District Council

Richmondshire District Council is urging customers not to pay their bills by cheque – due to the risk of coronavirus contamination for their officers and the postal service.

It is asking that alternative ways of paying are used – direct debit, online or by calling customer services. And for people unable to use these methods they are asked to call on family help to assist them.

“The risk of passing this virus to people handling cheques and paperwork, including our officers, is very high so we urge our customers not to use this method of payment during the pandemic,” said Corporate Director, Sian Moore.

“We realise this may be hard for our elderly residents who may not have online accounts but ask that they call upon family members and friends to help them. We must protect our staff during this time.”

The council remains open for business but face-to-face contact is by appointment only – and for urgent cases only. Primary contact should be online, by emailing and by phone 01748 829100.

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