Richmondshire District Council

District Council elections are taking place for all seats this spring.

The May 2 poll sees new arrangements come into play for Richmondshire District Council – the number of seats will drop by ten – from 34 to 24 with the new councillors elected to represent 16 wards.

Next week - on March 19 - a ‘notice of election’ will be published giving details of the electoral areas, the date and time of the election, the number of councillors to be elected for each ward and the timetable for proposing candidates. Nominations can then be received from March 20 until 4pm on April 3.

Elections are also taking place for all parish/town councils in Richmondshire.

There will only be an election if there are more candidates than vacancies in each ward or parish.

Anyone interested in standing as a candidate can get a nomination pack by calling Richmondshire District Council’s elections team on 01748 901018.

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