Richmondshire District Council

Catterick town centre proposals win council approval

Ambitious proposals for a £21 million regeneration programme for Catterick town centre have won district council approval.

The project includes the re-development of land around Shute Road to provide more community facilities and space and to improve pedestrian connectivity. It paves the way for further development to deliver extra retail and commercial provision, and to drive further investment into the area and the wider town centre for both the military and civilian communities.

The plans will now form part of a bid to the national Levelling Up Fund to be submitted by Richmondshire District Council in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council and the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Members of the District Council’s Corporate Board last night (23 June) gave their unanimous approval to the proposed bid – as well as to allocating £100,000 in match funding to the scheme.

The Levelling Up Bid develops feasibility work that was jointly funded by the District Council, MoD and the North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership. It is also linked to the Catterick Garrison Masterplan that has been developed through the Richmondshire Local Plan Review.

The vision is to transform Shute Road into an attractive, vibrant and inclusive town centre via the creation of a new town square with a community and enterprise facility and the rejuvenation of Coronation Park. It includes:

“These are very exciting plans for Richmondshire – and especially for Catterick,” said Richmondshire District Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale. “It will give the town a real focus with more community space as well as provision for new hospitality and retail businesses. We look forward to seeing them start to take shape.”

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