Richmondshire District Council

Removal of town centre barriers

Barriers installed in Richmond town centre to protect shoppers, visitor and businesses have been removed.

Richmondshire District Council has reviewed shopper numbers over the last week and decided it is safe to lose some of the market place barriers and maintain social distancing.  

However there will still be key barriers in some areas of the town centre, and the situation will be kept under weekly review until the further relaxation of social distancing measures on July 4.

And the authority has issued a reminder to people coming to the town to urge them to comply with social distancing restrictions, and to shopkeepers to ensure they manage queues inside and outside their stores safely.

“We want to keep the people of Richmond safe,” said Corporate Director, Callum McKeon.

“Businesses must take responsibility for ensuring the safety of our residents, visitors and their own staff. That becomes even more important next month when social distancing measures are being relaxed further to allow the opening of more businesses – even more people will be in the town centre.

“It is up to everyone to behave responsibly and wear face masks where necessary.”

The taxi rank remains in a new position opposite the Kings Head.

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