Richmondshire District Council

Extra cameras at Richmond Falls

Extra cameras will be monitoring a Richmond beauty spot blighted by anti-social behaviour by the end of this month (June).

Richmondshire District Council has installed two additional close circuit television cameras at Richmond Falls as one of a series of measures to combat the problems with alcohol and drug taking experienced over the May bank holidays.

A multi-agency task group set up to tackle the issues is also planning to create a ‘Public Spaces Protection Order’ which will ban the drinking of alcohol, taking of drugs and cooking of food (barbecues) at the area. It is hoped this will be in place by the Autumn. The orders take time to implement as a formal consultation exercise has to be undertaken first.

Members of the District Council’s Corporate Board will be asked next month (July) to approve the implementation of a PSPO, and whether further stewarding should be considered a peak times.

The task group - made up of representatives from Richmondshire District Council, North Yorkshire Police, North Yorkshire County Council and councillors from both the district and county council – are looking at the PSPO as a long term solution to protect the area. It used stewards at the end of May to marshall activity, as well as an increased police presence. 

Campaigns on social media to encourage groups of young people to be aware of the dangers of alcohol and drugs, as well as on water safety, have already begun. And North Yorkshire County Council is looking at a parking scheme around Sleegill, Bridge Terrace and The Green to prevent parking abuse by inconsiderate visitors.

“We are determined to protect this area from the recent abuse and anti-social behaviour,” said Councillor Helen Grant, Deputy Leader of Richmondshire District Council, spokesperson for community safety and speaking on behalf of the task group.

“A minority have been spoiling it for the majority and we will not tolerate this. We are looking to ban alcohol and the cooking of food, and the deployment of cameras will record activity there. This beauty spot should be there for the enjoyment of everyone and not be spoiled by a small number of people.”

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