Richmondshire District Council

Air quality improvement continues

Air quality in Richmondshire has improved for the second month running.

In most of the sites measured by the District Council levels of air pollution recorded in April were 50% lower than 12 months ago (April 2019).

And environmental experts are now asking residents to consider what they can do to keep these levels low.

Much of the drop is attributed to the reduced traffic levels - concentrations of nitrogen dioxide tend to reflect road conditions. But as an air pollutant it can have a more serious effect on people on the vulnerable in society such as children and older people, and those with heart and lung conditions, such as COPD or asthma.

“Whilst the air pollution in Richmondshire is generally good, and we have not had to declare an Air Quality Management Area, found in many busier towns and cities, there is a benefit to cleaner air for us all,” said Dr Kevin Carr, District Council Environmental Health Officer.

“Having got to this reduced rate we now have a great opportunity to consider what we all can do in the future to help improve air quality. That could be working from home more often, choosing to walk or cycle, using public transport, choosing electric vehicles or just making fewer journeys.”

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