Richmondshire District Council

A campaign to promote problem free picnic eating is being supported by Richmondshire District Council’s environmental health team.

This week is National Picnic Week (June 21-30) and with the promise of warmer weather later in the week officers are urging people to take some simple steps to keep food safe and fresh.

“When taking food away from the home to eat everything changes,” said Environmental Health Manager, Sonia Bagshaw.

“The time between preparation and eating is longer and food is often left out for long periods of time, so correct cold storage is vital to help prevent incidents of food poisoning. We want everyone to enjoy family time in the beautiful Richmondshire countryside but to come home safely.”

She said the following tips should be followed:

Further details on safe eating can be found at Food Standards Agency website; and on the National Picnic Week website.

Picnic basket filled with food


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