Richmondshire District Council

An emergency support network is being provided to hundreds of people across Richmondshire.

Residents are signed up to the District Council’s ‘Lifeline’ service which can provide emergency help through a simple telephone link 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It costs as little as 90p per day but enables vulnerable and elderly people to remain in their own home.

A Lifeline unit is installed in the home which is activated through an alarm trigger button which can provide immediate assistance. One of the devices supplied can be worn round the neck on a pendant.

Once alerted call centre operators will talk to the caller, giving them reassurance and summoning further help if required. That help ranges from verbal reassurance to contacting a friend, neighbour, relative, mobile warden or the medical and emergency services. The wardens visit clients monthly to ensure the service is running as it should.

“This service provides reassurance, emergency support and peace of mind to its users,” said Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

“It allows people to remain independent and living at home knowing help is only the press of a button away. It is an integral part of our sheltered housing schemes – but is available to everyone who requires extra support."

“Many of the users could not live on their own without this service, it is literally a lifesaver.”

And lifeline user, Joan Cresswell of Redmire, added: “Lifeline increases your independence and gives you the confidence to live in your own home because it keeps you safe. I wear my pendant at all times as it gives me a great sense of security, especially as I live on my own.”

For more information visit our Lifeline page or email

Lifeline user with warden
Lifeline user, Joan Cresswell of Redmire, with warden Mike Dixon



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