Richmondshire District Council

Financial advice for those struggling with taxes

Residents and business owners struggling to pay council tax and business rates are being urged to contact the district council.

The local authority has been working with many people who have been suffering financial pressures as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. And it has taken a ‘soft’ approach in recovering unpaid council tax and business rates arrears, working with people on payment plans to get them through this period.

However later this month residents will receive formal council tax reminders or final notices if they are in arrears. Officers ask that they contact the council as soon as possible to see what help is available, such as rescheduling instalments. And business ratepayers will be contacted with final reminders too.

Residents that are struggling to meet their required payments and are on a reduced income should also consider applying for council tax reduction

“We urge taxpayers not to ignore the notices issued as this may lead to further recovery action and additional costs being added to the account,” said Corporate Director, Sian Moore.

“We will look to help if we possibly can. We understand people are struggling during this pandemic.”

Residents can also obtain independent financial advice through:

Businesses should contact the district council’s local taxation section by calling 01748 829100 or email