Richmondshire District Council

Have your say on council tax discounts

Richmondshire residents are being urged to have a say on a scheme which can give a council tax reduction of up to 85% to working age people.

The district council is looking for views on its proposed amendments to the 2018/19 Council Tax Reduction scheme which would keep the maximum award under the scheme for the majority of working age people unchanged from the past 12 months - at 85%.

Council Tax Reduction is a discount for Council Tax. The level of discount is designed to help people on a low income - around 1120 people of working age across the district currently receive it.

When Richmondshire introduced the scheme in April 2013 all claimants of working age had to pay a minimum of 8.5% of their Council Tax liability - equivalent to a 91.5% reduction, this was made possible because of ‘one-off’ funding from central government. The council managed to retain the same level of reduction in 2014/15 and 2015/16 without direct funding from central government, but from 2016/17 due to further reductions in funding and spending pressures it was forced to reduce the maximum award.

The two proposed changes will affect claimants who have minimal changes to their entitlement throughout the year and the way entitlement for self–employed claimants is calculated.

Hard copies of the document are available from the Council’s Community Offices in Richmond, Colburn, Leyburn, Reeth and Hawes.

The consultation ends on Friday 27 October.

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