Richmondshire District Council

First step to weight loss

Richmondshire residents wanting to improve their health - and lose weight in time for summer holidays - can get help to take their first steps to success.

The free ‘Step by Step’ scheme delivered by Richmondshire District Council helps local people achieve great health results by showing them how to make small, long-term changes to their diet and lifestyle. Improving them - and maintaining a healthy weight - are proven to help prevent many health problems in later life.

The countywide initiative is now in its third year in the district – where it has already received almost 700 referrals. They have covered everything from people with

type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal conditions, to people wanting to lose weight and shape up.

Many people who have completed the 12 week programme have seen weight loss of up to two stones - with huge loss of inches and body fat. One hundred and thirty three people have lost 594 kilos - 93 stones.

Anyone wanting to join the programme should visit their nurse, GP, dietician or other health professional and ask for a referral to the Step by Step scheme. Alternatively visit the website and make the referral yourself. The programme is available free of charge to residents of Richmondshire aged 18 and over who meet some essential criteria.

For more information contact:

01748 901044 / 901036 / 901045 or

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