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£30,000 for Small Business Grant Scheme

A scheme that has handed out more than £200,000 to small businesses in Richmondshire over the last nine years has been topped up with another £30,000.

The District Council grant scheme is available to fund a range of initiatives. In the last 12 months it has even been used to support new businesses set up as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. They include a specialist health service, finance and property consultancy and a niche veterinary services company.

Earlier this month members of the authority’s Corporate Board approved the allocation of a further £30,000 to the Small Business Grant Scheme. They were told that from 2013 to 2019, £157,697 was allocated with another 60 businesses receiving a share of £52,000 since then.

It has been used for IT equipment, office set up, websites, e-commerce, marketing materials, tools and equipment. Grants of up to £1,000 can be allocated to businesses that are less then three years old.

“Recent applicants to the fund have included a whole range of innovative and exciting new businesses in Richmondshire so we are pleased to be able to continue to offer support to these young businesses,” said Council Leader, Councillor Angie Dale.

Start up company Trimble Productions, which specialise in making engaging and interactive educational programmes for the veterinary profession in the UK and internationally, is one of the most recent recipients. 

‘We set up Trimble Productions 18 months ago to innovate the way education is delivered for practising veterinary surgeons,” said Toby Trimble. “We do this with video, storytelling and technology to make education more effective and an interesting experience. We use a range of equipment from cinema cameras to high-quality microphones, and used the grant money to buy additional lighting equipment to give us increased capacity to produce courses we are designing and developing. It’s been fantastic to have such support from the local council to help grow our business.”

For more information on the grants see our funding for businesses page or email

Toby Trimble of Trimble Productions
Toby Trimble of Trimble Productions