Richmondshire District Council

Green waste subscriptions  

Registration for the kerbside collection of green waste are open.

Subscription costs for the green waste service have been frozen for the next 12 months. It remains £25 for the first bin and £17 for each extra bin. It also includes an extra, bookable collection in January 2022 for Christmas trees.

The renewals, which cover licences from 22 February to 26 November, opened today on February 1.

Uptake for the service saw 40% of Richmondshire households subscribe in 2020.  

Current customers will be receiving information on the service by email or postcard during this week.

New and existing customers can sign up for the service via our garden waste subscription page or by calling 01748 829100. They are also asked to provide an email address to receive alerts and information on the service.

People not subscribing to the scheme are asked to compost their garden waste or take it to a household waste recycling centre. It should not be placed in their household waste bins.