Richmondshire District Council

Installation of electric charging points

A £215,000 scheme to install electric charging points in car parks across Richmondshire has won council approval.

Members of the District Council last night agreed that 20 chargers would be fitted in district council run car parks as part of the plan to make the area zero carbon by 2030.

Initially the chargers will be placed in locations in Richmond, Leyburn, Muker, Langthwaite, Hawes and Catterick Garrison. It is hoped more points will come online in future years as the number of electric vehicles increase.

Current provision is low with just ten points in total – eight at Scotch Corner and one each at Aysgarth and Hawes. When deciding on where the points should be placed council officers have looked at where demand will be highest. The north of the district cannot currently be covered as the council does not own any car parks there. 

“It is important that electric vehicle charging infrastructure is not a barrier to the high uptake of new electric vehicles,” added Councillor Philip Wicks, Chair of the Council’s Climate Change Working Group.

“The government has stated that local authorities have a crucial role to play, and this scheme is the start of the council’s plan.”

The plans are to install four at Nuns Close in Richmond and in the Garrison, four in both Leyburn and Hawes, and two in both Langthwaite and Muker. The Station Road car park in Richmond will also be made ready for points.

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