Richmondshire District Council

Electors are being urged to return their postal votes early to ensure their vote counts in next week’s general election.

Ballot papers for the Richmond (Yorks) constituency, administered by Hambleton District Council, must be returned by 10pm on December 12 (election day).

They must be either posted back or hand delivered to the Civic Centre in Northallerton.

Anyone that has requested a postal pack but hasn’t received it by 6 December can have it reissued - call 01609 767263 for advice.

If you can’t go to the polling station on election day and you don’t have a postal vote you can apply for a proxy vote (someone voting for you at your polling station). The deadline to apply is 5pm Wednesday 4 December. There are certain circumstances that you can apply after this deadline - for more information contact us on the number below.

For further help contact the council on 01748 829100.

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