Richmondshire District Council

Councillors say no to combined commissioner

Richmondshire councillors have voted unanimously against a plan give the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner responsibility for the county’s fire and rescue service.

Members of the District Council said they support greater collaboration between the two services – but backed the ‘Representation Model’ which would give the commissioner a seat on the Fire and Rescue Authority, but not overall control.

They were told that members of the council’s Scrutiny Committee had looked at the proposals in great detail – consulting with members of both groups before making a final recommendation to full council.

“We are behind greater collaboration between all authorities – including the fire and police services,” said Council leader, Councillor Yvonne Peacock.

“But councillors are not satisfied that there is sufficient need for such an irreversible change in governance when closer collaboration could be achieved through the Representation Model – which the Fire Authority strongly supports”.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has asked all local authorities for their views on her proposal for a combined Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to enable greater collaboration between blue light services.

Consultation on the proposals closes later this month with the final decision resting with the Secretary of State.

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