Richmondshire District Council

Changes to housing benefits due to COVID-19

Changes to housing benefits have been implemented by Richmondshire District Council in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following central government announcements there have been amendments to the local housing allowance rates and working tax credit payments.  

And because the changes came in after notifications of benefits were sent to recipients at the beginning of this month (April), new letters are being sent out to anyone whose housing benefit has altered as a result of one, or both, of these changes. That letter (dated April 17) explains the new entitlement.

The first change is to the local housing allowance rates. These have been increased which means for some people their housing benefit entitlement will increase.

And because working tax credit payments have increased by £20 a week, the ‘additional earnings disregard’ element of housing benefit has increased by £20 to £37.10 per week. This means the extra income does not affect the amount of housing benefit paid.

For more information on the new rates and ‘additional earnings disregard’ visit our changes to housing benefit page.

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