Richmondshire District Council

Complaints about bonfires

Richmondshire residents are being asked to think of others and not light bonfires during the current coronavirus lockdown.

The District Council has received an increasing number of complaints about smoke from bonfires as people take the chance to burn waste after tidying their gardens and allotments.

But with coronavirus causing serious respiratory problems, smoke inhalation can make this worse. It is also not good for people with existing conditions such as COPD and asthma.

Environmental Health officers are urging people to compost their waste, use their fortnightly kerbside collections of garden waste, or keep it until the household waste recycling centres reopen.

Music in gardens and continuous noisy DIY, especially late at night, is also being discouraged as it can disturb people, especially key workers who are now working from home.

“Everyone is living and working in unprecedented conditions and we urge them to consider others when undergoing household work,” said Corporate Director, Callum McKeon.

“We ask that they either use our garden waste collection service or create a compost heap – and if they don’t take all the rubbish please bag it up and keep until after the pandemic and the household waste recycling centres reopen for business.”

For more information and to report a nuisance visit our neighbour nuisance page.  

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