Richmondshire District Council

New duties to prevent homelessness and support homeless people came into force in October.

And this week professionals from bodies across North Yorkshire came together at Richmondshire District Council’s Mercury House offices to be briefed on how the changes affect them.

Under the Homelessness Reduction Act, a new statutory duty has been placed on public bodies. This ‘duty to refer’ means they have an obligation to refer people to the local authority where they believe the person to be in danger of homelessness.

The Richmondshire District Council run training and networking event saw more than 40 people take on board information from the National Practitioner Support Service.

“This new initiative under the act seeks to give us more powers to reduce homelessness and help people who are homeless get back on track,” said Callum McKeon, Corporate Director of Richmondshire District Council.

Further information regarding 'duty to refer' for public bodies and partner agencies can be found at

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