Richmondshire District Council

Garden waste subscriptions now available

Householders are being urged to renew their subscriptions for the kerbside collection of green waste.

Licences for the service - which runs from 20 February to 24 November 2023 – can now be bought. It is £26.50 for the first bin and £18 for each extra bin. It includes an extra collection in January 2024 for Christmas trees.

Current customers will receive information on the service by post or email. New and existing customers can sign up for the service on our garden waste page or by calling 01748 829100.

The councils in North Yorkshire are currently undergoing local government reorganisation. From 1 April 2023 the district, borough and county councils will combine to become one unitary authority – North Yorkshire Council, bringing all council services together under one body. As a result garden waste licences with Richmondshire District Council will expire on 31 March 2023 and the contract will be with North Yorkshire Council. However, there will be no changes to the service received.

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