Richmondshire District Council

A review of Richmondshire council taxpayers receiving single person discount starts this month.

Residents currently receiving the discount will be asked to explain their circumstances so the district council can keep its records up to date.

The 25% is claimed when a resident is the sole adult occupant of a property.

“Whilst we are aware that most residents are claiming the discount appropriately there are, however, a minority who are attempting to defraud the system,” said Corporate Director, Sian Moore.

“These residents may not have reported a change in their circumstances and are receiving the discount when they are no longer entitled to it. The Single Person Discount Review is a scheme used to detect those who are claiming a discount that they are no longer eligible for.”

A proportion of the 6,120 current discount holders will be asked to complete a form to update their council tax records, allowing them to notify any changes in circumstances. All returned forms will be handled by a centrally based local government scanning facility based in Nottingham, which processes documents on behalf of many local authorities.

“Anyone who does not complete this form will be subject to further investigations,” she added.

“Richmondshire District Council is dedicated to protecting the public purse and detecting fraud. We take Council Tax Fraud very seriously - and are very pro-active in confirming all entitlements to discounts.”

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