Richmondshire District Council

Richmondshire’s council tax collection rates have reached their highest in at least eleven years.

In the last 12 months the authority collected 98.94% of council tax – making it not only the best performing council in North Yorkshire, but 20th in the country.

It collects council tax from 23,500 homes across the district – acting as the agent for precepts from North Yorkshire County Council, the fire and police services and local parishes.

“We are very proud to be topping the local chart and would like to thank our Council Taxpayers – the vast majority of whom pay their council tax regularly and on time,” said Council spokesperson, Councillor Bill Glover,
“We don’t ignore those that don’t do this – we owe it to our 98.94% to pursue those that withhold payment.”

He said the council’s business rates collection was at 98.53% - putting it at 166 in the country. In an effort to improve these collection rates the council is working closely with Matthew Whyatt and Daniel Seasman of specialist Insolvency and Revenues solicitors, Alexander Whyatt Solicitors.

That recently led to a successful Bankruptcy Order issued against a Mr Michael Mcfetrich who owed over £51,000 in unpaid business rates.

“We strive to find new ways and partnerships to tackle serial non-payers to ensure that the integrity in the collection process is upheld,” added Brian Bottle, the authority’s Revenue, Benefits and Customer Services Manager.

“We also know that tackling such evasion ensures fairness within local business to ensure that those seeking to evade payment do not benefit from an unfair commercial advantage.”

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