Richmondshire District Council

Richmondshire householders can now be sure they are giving to legitimate charity collections by visiting Richmondshire District Council's website.

All house to house collections on behalf of charities must be licenced by the District Council in order to be legal.

And now in order for people to know they are not being victims of fraudulent collections the authority is publicising every authorised street and door to door collection taking place in the area.

A special page has been created on to list these local collections – which may be joined by national campaigns which do not need a local licence.

“The majority of collections on a door to door basis and in the street are legitimate – but there are a few that give them a bad name,” said Council Spokesperson, Councillor Jimmy Wilson-Petch.

“Rogue collectors tend to ask people to leave donations in a bag or produce leaflets that look legitimate asking people to donate. If in doubt check online – and look for the charity registration number. If in doubt do not give anything to these people – instead take donations to a local charity shop.”

“This is a problem all year round but never more prevalent than close to the festive season when everyone is pressed into being more charitable. The season for giving is a joyous occasion but the giving must be to the right causes.”

To view the full “Registered charity collectors” webpage visit

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